Water Management

Storm Water Management

Joyner Keeny provides a number of water services. Some of our storm water surveys and services that we have done over the last 20 years are:

  • Storm water design in a subdivision
  • Drainage surveys and maps
  • Drainage easement and mapping
  • Retention pond in a subdivision
  • Nutrient Calculation
  • Hydrographic survey and mapping
  • Dam Deformation survey and map
  • As built and record drawing
Flood Services

Joyner Keeny is a leader in providing Flood Services. From elevation certificates to LOMA’s, Joyner Keeny has the experience and knowledge. For more than 25 years we have provided builders and developers with Flood data needed for new construction. We have the necessary specialized equipment needed to provide all the services below.

  • Elevation Certificate for insurance purposes
  • Elevation Certificate for new construction
  • LOMA—Letter of Map Amendment—Short and long forms
  • LOMR—Letter of Map Revision
  • Establish Base Flood on your property
  • Establish Floodway on your property
  • Land Planning and Evaluation
  • Establish Bench Mark to your site
  • Field Cross Section for a Flood Study
  • Easement Surveys and Maps
    • Conservation easement
    • Roadway easement
    • Street and roadway dedication
    • Septic system easement
    • Well and water line easement