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Nils W. Joyner and Timothy L. Keeny founded JoynerKeeny, PLLC in 1985 as a small business company of Professional Land Surveyors providing conventional land surveying services to include boundary, topographic, ALTA, construction staking, etc.  We also provide subsurface utility locating services, ground penetrating radar, water management, aerial imaging and photogrammetry all in an effort to meet the needs of our clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients with highly accurate and easy to comprehend surveys and engineering services, which are affordable and completed in a timely manner. We protect the public’s safety and property by promoting standards for competence within the services of professional planning and surveying.

For more than 40 years JoynerKeeny has provided quality services to developers, contractors, utility companies, roadway contractors, railway companies, municipalities and Federal and State agencies throughout the southeast.

JoynerKeeny has a staff of 34 employees including 9 Professional Land Surveyors (PLS), 1 Engineering PE, 1 Engineering FE, 10 survey CAD technicians, 9 survey crews and clerical staff.

Licensed as Professional Land Surveyors in these southeastern states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

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