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Stormwater Management



With over 20 years of experience in commercial, residential and military work, our team provides expert guidance in a multitude of services. Whether supervising a small BMP install or completing a dam deformation survey, our staff has the necessary skills to meet all of your stormwater needs.


Services Include:


  • Capital Improvement Projects

  • Flooding + Detention Analysis

  • Watershed + Master Planning

  • Stormwater Facility Design + Permitting

  • Stormwater Facility Retrofits

  • Riverine Flood Studies + Analysis

  • FEMA Revisions + Mapping

  • Storm Drainage Inventory + Assessment

  • Storm Drainage Design

  • High Hazard Dam Design + Inspections

  • Breach Routing + Inundation Risk Mapping

  • Water Quality Mitigation

  • Coastal + CAMA Permitting

  • Elevation Certificate for insurance purposes

  • Elevation Certificate for new construction

  • LOMA—Letter of Map Amendment—Short and long forms

  • LOMR—Letter of Map Revision

  • Establish Base Flood on your property

  • Establish Floodway on your property

  • Land Planning and Evaluation

  • Establish Bench Mark to your site

  • Field Cross Section for a Flood Study

  • Easement Surveys and Maps:

    • Conservation easement

    • Roadway easement

    • Street and roadway dedication

    • Septic system easement

    • Well and water line easement

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